Mission Statement of the Computer Science Department

Computer Science is the field for everything computational - from the theoretical foundations for algorithmic problem solving to the engineering of computational devices to the application of computer information technology in other fields.

The mission of the Computer Science Department is to:

  1. Offer undergraduate and graduate academic programs with rigorous curricula that instill a deep, long-lasting understanding of the principles of computer science, and that provide practical skills for a wide range of professional careers.
  2. Conduct cutting-edge research at the frontiers of computer science and in the interdisciplinary application of computational theory, methodology, and technology, with student participation at all levels (undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral).
  3. Promote and facilitate the use of computation as an effective means for scientific discovery, and also promote and facilitate intellectual cross-fertilization between computational researchers in different departments, divisions, and various Ph.D. programs at the CUNY Graduate Center.
  4. Provide computing and information technology education for all Queens College students through service courses and joint academic programs with other departments.

The Computer Science department is housed in the Science Building (SB) on the Queens College campus.